Is griefing allowed?

Griefing is allowed but make sure you don't kill the server population.

Do new players get protection?

Yes, new players/tribe's will receive raid protection for 7 days.

Are Alliances allowed?

No, you are  not allowed to have an alliance, since the tribe limit is set to 10. this mean no raiding or defending together. 

Whats the tribe limit?

The current tribe limit is 10, please do not make logout boxes.

Is a Unofficial alliance allowed?

No, your only allowed to trade with a tribe you're not allowed to raid or defend together. you are allowed how ever to do the boss together. 

Are we allowed to block the artifact caves/ Obelisk?

No, your not allowed to build and block artifact cave's however your allowed to build in all cave's that dont have artifact's.

Can we have more than one base spot?

Yes, your allowed to set up multiple base spots.

How should i send a support ticket?

You can send a support ticket by going to discord and click under the #ticket tag.

If things get lost due to a bugg what should i do?

Item's character's or Dino's will not be refunded or restored.

Are we allowed to spam areas?

You are allowed to build turret towers and spawn 8 foundations from the latest turret.

Can leave a fob at our raid target?

You have to remove your Fob after your done raiding regardless if this was a success or not. 


What to do when you're or you're dino is under the mesh?

You can make a support ticket, this can be done by going to discord and click on #ticket. 

How to donate?

To help out the server we at Mazaca are offering VIP packaging more info about this can be found at the shop. it is also possible to pay using ideal, to use this option create a ticket. 

What are the server rate's?
  • Harvest 5x
  • Taming 5x
  • Exp 10x
  • Turret range is set to 8000
  • Turret Limit is set to 250
  • Crop Growth speed is set to 5
  • Hair Grow speed is set to 5
  • Babby can be cuddled by everyone
  • Nanny imprint to 100%
  • Max Tamed dino's per tribe is set to 500
  • The server has  a tame limit of 10,000
  • Floating Damage Text is off
  • Loot Quality is set to  1
  • Fishing Loot Quality is set to 1
  • Max. Player Level 105+15 island Tek Cave +15 Aberration Boss 
  • Max. Dino Level Wild 150
  • Max. Level after Tame +85
  • Max. Wyvern Level 190
  • Max. Tribe Member 10
  • Max. Alliance 0 / teaming is forbidden!
  • 7day raid protection for new players/tribes make a ticket to receive it.
  • Flying is cave's is disabled.
  • Offline Raid Protection is activated from a plugin.
  • Offline Shield Will be activate after 1 Hour
  • All Engrams can be unlocked in the UI at level 100
  • Structure on Plattformsaddle is set to
  • Autodecay ON
  • Trophy's can be transferred 
  • Element cannot be transferred
  • Server Restart 04:00 (GMT+1) + Dino wipe 
  • MindWipe is set to unlimited 
  • Custom Recipes are set to 1
  • Diseases are enabled
  • Spawn interval set to default
  • Lay Egg interval is sett to 1
Is there an Engram Unlocker?

Yes, if you Press F1 and go to Shop you will see a unlock engram button you have to be level 100.

Is there a Kit or Shop?

Yes, there are kits and there are shop items. These can be found under the F1 button then shop you will see a search bar where you can lookup kits and other shop items. 

Is there a way to get more points?

Yes, you will receive 1 point every 10 minute's. To get more points you can vote you will receive 25 points for every vote. if your VIP you will receive double points.

What are the mods?

this will be posted later.

Is there an ORP on this server?

Yes, There is an ORP on the server with the following settings:


  • ORP will be activated after 40minute's after the last player logged off from the tribe.
  • ORP will give full protection.
  • ORP 
Can i Mesh on this server?

No, you cant mesh on here since we using the Mesh Police plugin. 

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.